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Your thoughts toward you.

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Research states an average of 95% of all people in our society have low self-esteem. I would venture to say it’s 100%. Low self-esteem is usually manifested in feelings of inferiority, a feeling of not measuring up, doubting yourself.

Take a minute to reflect on these questions …

· Self-Image is how you see yourself physically (too short, big feet, bad hair …).

o How do I see myself?

· Self-Confidence is how you see your abilities.

o What do I believe about my ability?

· Self-Esteem is the value you place on yourself as a person.

o How do I feel about myself in the depths of my mind?

· Worth is the culmination of all of the above that comes down to this one question...

o Do I believe I am loveable?

Growing up we take on the words of the adults around us as truths because as children we naturally believe the adults are right. We continue to do this into adulthood, letting others be the mirror that we use to determine our value. What are the beliefs you still carry about yourself that are unhealthy and untrue? The beauty is that you have the power to come out from under those false beliefs about who you are. This may not always be easy, but it is doable.

People value themselves to the degree that they have been valued.

A low view of our self is a big factor in many of the unhealthy ways we respond to life and in relationships. Think of the joy and freedom you can have by believing the truth about yourself.

To find out what is true about you, you need to see what God, your Creator, says about you.

When God made you, it was because He wanted to be in relationship with YOU that’s why He made you as you are. He went even further by declaring His love for you to the universe by saying,

“YOU are WORTH dying for! Because I NEVER want to be without YOU! I want to spend eternity with YOU!”

Let Him reveal to you what He thinks of you, I promise it is all good stuff!

Here’s the thing about thoughts and emotions. A thought is just a thought, it means our mind is working. An emotion is just an emotion, it means we are alive and feeling. It’s the meaning we attach to a thought or an emotion that brings about our response to it.

So, if you don’t feel worthy remind yourself that, although the feeling is very real, it is just a feeling and means you are alive. The realness is the meaning you are assigning to it, what are you saying to yourself? Begin to assign a different meaning, the truth. Eventually the truth will match your feelings!

Give this a try…

Start a list of all of your positive attributes, adjectives that describe you. Add to it daily. If you struggle with this, ask a friend or family member, look to the Bible to see what He says about you. Then take one of those attributes a day to live from. If you wrote down “Creative” then think of yourself as that today. Do at least one thing creative, bake something, draw something, etc. Continuing to live out of your truth will build esteem and joy!

I also highly recommend the book by Kelly Flanagan, “Loveable”...

“All of us need to be reminded of our worthiness and the power we have to live beautiful lives.”

If you find yourself getting stuck on old, false beliefs and would like help, don’t hesitate to call and schedule an appointment with me. Call 601-517-7854!

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