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Healing From Emotionally Immature Parents

An Emotionally Immature Parent is someone who is unable to sustain a satisfying emotional connection with their children due to a lack of empathy, being self-involved, and emotionally unreliable. They want you to be responsible for stabilizing their emotions and repairing their self-esteem. Being in relationship with them can be exhausting and confusing. Let me help you navigate how to relate to them while also keeping your peace of mind, individuality, and space. 

Vintage sofa of soft pink color decorated with flowers and greens stands in a classic room

With emotionally immature parent’s they tell you what to be, they don’t help you discover who you are. It's time to find that out!

The Course!

Learn how to break free from the role they assigned you. Learn how to reconnect with who you truly are and disengage from their manipulations. Heal from the messages they placed on you. Learn how to set boundaries and respond to them from a place of peace and not anxiousness.

An emotionally immature parent thinks their boundary violation is your moral obligation. It's ok to say "no".

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