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Healing From Emotionally Immature Parents

Are you tired of feeling guilty when you don't do what they want?

Are you feeling resentful because they keep crossing your boundaries?

Do you find yourself becoming anxious when they call or text?

Do you feel emotionally lonely and tired of one-sided conversations?

Are you over them being the victim

Are you tired of not feeling like enough when it comes to them?

Are you sick of feeling controlled by them even as an adult?

Do you want a relationship with them but not sure it's possible?

Learn how to be ok even if they are not.

Learn how to fully step into your identity and adulthood.

Learn how to relate to them from a place of confidence.

Let me help you get the space you need and the healing you deserve!

Having a parent who is emotionally immature can be exhausting because they make you responsible for stabilizing their emotions and repairing their self-esteem.  

Orange Chair

What You Will Learn

90 minute video power point and handouts!

ONLY $49!!!

Get Unhooked

An Emotionally Immature Parent is someone who is unable to sustain a satisfying emotional connection with their children due to a lack of empathy, being self-involved, and emotionally unreliable. They create an environment in which they expect others to regulate their emotions and be responsible for making them feel better.


It's okay to want to separate from this and become your own individual self. It's okay to want to be responsible for your emotional well-being and not theirs. It's ok to want to have some space from them and lessen your stress. It's okay to learn how to move forward with them in a healthier way. 

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You may not know how to do what’s best for you because you have always done what’s best for your them.
If that’s the case, it’s time to consider yourself!

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