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Betrayal Trauma Recovery

Betrayal trauma is essentially when the one you are in relationship with violates your trust and well-being, often through acting sexually outside of the relationship, and as a result you experience a trauma response. My hope is that you will move beyond betrayal and step into clarity and healing. 

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Multideminsional Partner
Trauma Model

I use an empirically sound, researched based model to help in the healing process with my clients. I recognize that many will experience trauma from discovering their partner has cheated, uses porn, and/or has a sex addiction. 


Certified Clinical 
Partner Specialist

I have gained extensive training to best help you in gaining the tools necessary to recover from relational trauma. Weather you decide to stay in the relationship, leave or are unsure, I am here to sit with you in as well as equip you for your journey. My certification is through The Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists

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"I found Liza after months and months of reading everything I could find about sex addiction.  The enormity of what had happened in my failing marriage was too overwhelming to handle on my own.  Literally the first words she said after I laid it all on the table, made me know I had found the right counselor." - Client

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 "I needed validation but in addition to that I got a huge lesson in what is not acceptable in a marriage.  Somehow I had lost the ability to think for myself and set any sort of boundary.  She has been a huge part in my being able to come out on the other side of divorce and the devastation of partner betrayal with hope." - Client

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