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Abuse Healing

Get expert help sifting through the manipulation, emotional, verbal, psychological, sexual, financial and/or physical abuse from your partner.

Betrayal Healing

Gain healing and clarity from your partner's lies, porn, affair, and/or sex addiction through a Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model.

Narcissistic Healing 

Start healing from the pain and confusion that comes from being in a relationship with a narcissist. 

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Church Hurt Healing

Release shame, fear and rejection as you regain your peace and work out your spirituality in a nonjudgmental space. 

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"I can’t imagine how much more difficult this all would have been had I not found Liza.  The validation and strong counsel have been immeasurable and invaluable.”

- Client


·        Partners of Sex Addiction & Betrayal

·        Affair Recovery

·        Domestic Abuse

·        Church Hurt & Religious Trauma

·        Narcissistic Wound Healing

·        Depression & Anxiety

·        Life Adjustments and Transitions



·        Licensed Professional Counselor

·        Certified Clinical Partner Specialist 

·        M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy

·        B.A., Social Work, Mississippi College

"Liza is a very professional, knowledgeable and easy to talk to counselor.  She has helped me with many transitions in my life, from trying to save my marriage, to going through the divorce process with all its unique feelings."

- Client

"Somehow I had lost the ability to think for myself and set any sort of boundary.  She has been a huge part in my being able to come out on the other side of divorce and the devastation of partner betrayal with hope."

- Client


1818 Crane Ridge Dr.  Jackson, MS 39216


Teletherapy Available

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