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Relationship Evaluation & Assessment

Do you wonder if your relationship is moving in a healthy direction? Are you concerned that it could be toxic?


Let me take the guess work out for you! 

I have crafted a comprehensive evaluation designed to detect subtle toxicities or imbalances in a relationship.

Don't stop at just the evaluation though! Get more clarity with a therapeutically personalized assessment of your relationship, recommendations tailored specifically to your unique situation, along with curated resources to support your journey as well as an individualized plan for your next steps. You aren't alone!


How It Works


Take The Free Relationship Evaluation

This evaluation is exceptionally comprehensive detecting even the subtlest signs of toxicity or imbalance.  My dedication has been poured into crafting this evaluation, aimed at assisting you in discerning the health of your relationship, pinpointing potential signs of toxicity, narcissism, or abuse.


Submit Your Evaluation

Once you have completed your evaluation you will email it to me and allow 2-3 business days for me to review. I want to make sure I take plenty of time to thoroughly read over your evaluation and prepare your individualized assessment, recommendations, resources and plan that will help you personally! 


Receive Your Full Relationship Assessment

You will receive in your inbox your individualized therapeutic assessment of the status of your relationship, my personal therapeutic recommendations, resources and next step personalized plan moving forward with the newly acquired information. You don't have to be alone in this process! Read more about the Full Relationship  Assessment here

Therapeutic Relationship Assessment 

Rx Assess

Want to just take the quiz?
It's FREE!

Eval Only

Not ready for a full relationship assessment? That's absolutely fine!

Unlike traditional evaluations that may focus solely on surface-level compatibility, this 12-Section therapeutically advanced evaluation dives deep into the core of the relationship, detecting even the subtlest signs of toxicity or imbalance.


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