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Am I Having An Emotional Affair? 

Emotional affairs usually develop unintentionally, progressing into deeper emotional intimacy over time.

Warning signs that your friendship could be an emotional affair:

  • Thinking that your friend understands you better than your spouse

  • Increased communication with your friend

  • Decreasing time with your spouse

  • Keeping your friendship a secret or saying “we’re just friends”

  • Anticipating alone time with your friend

  • Preoccupation with thoughts of your friend

  • Sharing intimate information with your friend instead of your spouse

  • Withdrawing from your spouse

  • Giving your friend personal gifts

  • Lack of intimacy with your spouse

  • Becoming sexually attracted to your friend

  • Like being with your friend more than your spouse

  • Avoid talking about this friendship, or the depth of it, with your spouse


If any of these ring true for you, consider scheduling an appointment to talk through your thoughts and feelings surrounding this. There is no judgement, only a desire to help!

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