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Reclaimed Life

Healing from domestic abuse

This 6-week trauma-sensitive group is for women who are currently living in an abusive relationship or who have been in an abusive relationship in the past. 
Domestic abuse erodes self-esteem, damages family members, and creates intense feelings of loneliness, isolation and shame. In order to heal, it is crucial to express your emotional pain in a safe and validating setting. This group can be that space for you! A therapeutic group enables women to talk openly about unspeakable experiences in safety. The mutual support of other women with like experiences is validating and comforting. 
The group will be led by Liza Young, Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Clinical Partner Specialist, who has years of experience walking women through their journey toward healing. 
Women who attend group feel believed and understood, they no longer feel alone or isolated. In an atmosphere of encouragement and support, you can be confident in your next steps to reclaim your life! 


Space is limited!

Contact for further information and to reserve your spot. 


A 6-Week Course

Tuesdays 8:00-9:30am

Begins January 14th

Call for insurance and

pricing infomation.


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