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My Truest Self

An online course designed to remind you of who your truest self is and to step into it fully.


Whether you are in a great relationship, a toxic one, or have left one ...


It's time to make choices from a place of confidence that will lead to a life worth living!



Identify Your Values

What you value drives you toward the life you desire. You can often minimize or even forget your values when you become consumed in relationship. It's time to make decisions that honor your values! 


Discover Your Worth

You can get lost in the identity of your partner or worse, be cut down by them. You are worthy of love, respect, and peace. It's time to believe this for yourself! 

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Explore Your Freedom

Some relationships can feel mundane, heavy, or even controlling. What have you lost or given up that you miss? It's time to reclaim yourself and live life to its fullest! 

To get FREE from a toxic relationship

Tired of feeling unloved and not enough? 

To know your WORTH while in a relationship

Ready to live in the confidence of who you are?

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