Have You Been Betrayed?

Betrayal trauma often occurs after discovering your partner has been unfaithful through an affair, porn, sex addiction and other unfaithful acts. 

Trauma is defined as a deeply distressing or overwhelming experience that is commonly followed by emotional and physical shock. This is a common response to finding out life altering, devastating news. 

It brings with it incredible pain, doubt, triggers, intrusive thoughts, and a roller coaster of emotions. 

If this is you, there is hope for healing. Click the documents below for help. 

To find out more about toxic and abusive realtionships, if you are in one, what to do about it, and how to heal, go to Toxic Free Relationship. 

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We must participate in our forward motion by actively pursuing the healing. - Barbara Steffens

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No matter how hard today is, you will never have to do this day again. You will not always feel this devastated. 

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